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Business Opportunity

Becoming a Veribella ambassador has the potential of impacting your quality of life, the lives of those you share the products with, and the lives that we help rescue from human trafficking through our amazing giveback model. Becoming a Veribella Ambassador is easy to set up. Our products have a 100% money-back guarantee as well as free shipping on orders over $99.

Veribella's Ambassador program focuses on products that are in high demand, offer generous compensation, and have a proven, predictable, profitable marketing system designed specifically to help you create a significant number of quality leads. Veribella has created what many industry leaders are already calling the most compelling opportunity in the last several decades.

Direct Sales Commissions

As an Ambassador:

  • Earn 10% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) on sales generated by Customers personally referred by you.
  • In any month where the total combined CV of your personal Customers is 1,000 or greater, the commission rate will increase to 20% that calendar month.
  • All Referral Customer purchases and your personal purchases are included when calculating your Direct Sales Commissions.
  • When your Referral Customers, not participating in the Direct Sales Commission Program, refer their friends, you will receive a commission based on those friends purchases.
  • There is no limit to the number of Customers you can personally refer.

Referral Reward Program

The Referral Reward Program! Refer 3 or more of your friends who purchase products in any given calendar month, and you can earn free products.  You can refer as many as you like, and at the end of the month Veribella will take the average purchase (excluding any tax and shipping) of your highest 3 retail customers, and apply that as a product credit to your account to use for next month. 

  • Customer A purchases $98
  • Customer B purchases $171
  • Customer C purchases $20

$98 + $171 + $20 = $289    $289/3 = $96.33 is the average product purchase and that is the amount that will be applied to your account as a credit toward the purchasing of Veribella products in the next calendar month.

Just imagine the commission possibilities when Customers who want to receive free products refer Customers, who refer Customers, who refer Customers—and so on. You earn 10%, or up to 20%, of the CV on all those retail Customer purchases month after month. There is no limit to the depth or number of Customer-to-Customer referrals.

Customer Production Bonus

In addition to the Direct Sales Commissions, Veribella recognizes and rewards Ambassadors who grow larger Customer bases with Customer Production Bonuses.

The Customer Production Bonus uses a Referral Rewards Platform to track and reward Ambassador sales and leadership contributions. Each Ambassador has three business centers (legs) that track all Customer sales, both personal and team downward to infinity. There are many reasons Veribella is using this Infinity Referral Rewards Platform framework, but the most important is the collaborative support it creates by its very nature.

  • The Referral Rewards Platform is only three wide at your frontline.
  • If you enroll five customers, the Referral Rewards Platform "forces" at least two of those five below other individuals in your Referral Rewards Platform.
  • Sponsoring Ambassadors allows you to grow YOUR business and gives you the freedom and opportunity to assist other Ambassadors in building their business. Any more than three personal enrollees are placed in depth in the platform, so others also benefit. This is a win-win for everyone.
  • The Referral Rewards Platform allows Ambassadors to attain the highest positions in the compensation plan WITHOUT building a sales organization. It is based solely on the number of customers and the products sales to end consumers.
  • The Referral Rewards Platform accumulates product sales volume to infinity.
  • The Infinity Referral Rewards Platform is based on a minimum order of 100 CV for each position.
  • Veribella's Customers do not have a minimum order requirement. But, the combined CV of all Customers are totaled and rounded down to the nearest 100 CV and applied to the smallest leg in that month's Customer Production Bonus.
  • When an Ambassador in your Referral Rewards Platform makes a purchase in excess of 150 CV during a calendar month, the extra volume above the 150 is placed in your smallest leg.
  • There is no limit to the number of Ambassadors you can personally refer, nor are any of your personal referrals limited.
  • The Referral Rewards Platform accumulates product sales volume to infinity.

Customer Production Bonus Details:

  • With three personals, one in each leg, you earn 50% of the posted Infinity Referral Rewards Platform income as you qualify.
  • With six personals, two in each leg, you earn 100% of the posted Infinity Referral Rewards Platform income as you qualify.

Veribella exists to provide excellent beauty and health products that customers want at fair prices with ingredients that are clean and offer results. Incorporating excellent products with our distribution model creates an incredible opportunity for growth and accomplishment and support of our purpose. Veribella is a company with a cause.  Its core commitment is to fight against an evil epidemic: human trafficking and slavery.  As individuals, it is an overwhelming task; however, when massive numbers of like-minded people work together for something that is genuinely right, good, and noble, the whole becomes a driving force. In that spirit, Veribella is committed to growing a global army of like-minded warriors—Ambassadors who, together, can make a significant difference rescuing, restoring, and healing the trauma of human trafficking and slavery.

In order to accomplish the goal of rescuing those in sex trafficking, the Customer Production Bonus incentivizes and rewards Ambassadors to share the business opportunity with others by:

  • Strategically placing the ambassadors you sponsor in the Referral Rewards Program
  • As the Ambassador begins to build their customer base, those customer purchases accumulate towards your volume production bonus in addition to the sales volume of the customers you personally acquire.
  • There is no compensation for sponsoring another Ambassador.

Referral Reward Platform

Name Customers Monthly Bonus One-Time Bonus
Senior Ambassador 12 $150 $50
Marketing Director 24 $250 $125
Regional Marketing Director 45 $500 $250
Senior Marketing Director 90 $900 $450
Executive Marketing Director 210 $1,800 $750
Regional Vice President 390 $3,250 $1,500
Senior Field Vice President 900 $6,500 $2,500
Executive Field Vice President 2,100 $12,500 $5,000
Senior Field Chairman 4,800 $25,000 $10,000
Executive Field Chairman 10,000 $70,000 $25,000
Presidential Advisory Council 20,000 *see below  

For promotion purposes, no more than 38% of your total Referral Rewards Platform volume is counted from any single leg in the Referral Rewards Platform.

One-time title advancement bonus:

  • Paid after holding the new title for two consecutive pay periods.
  • An Ambassador that advances several titles during a single pay period, bonuses will be paid that month on the title achieved before the current title.
  • The highest title earned bonus will be paid after two consecutive pay periods while maintaining the new highest title qualifications.

Pay Matching Bonus

We want to foster a culture of success, kindness, and collaboration. The Pay Matching bonus encourages that culture, and rewards purposeful leadership.

  • This bonus is awarded to Regional Marketing Directors (RMDs) and higher.
  • An RMD will earn a 20% match of the their personally sponsored Ambassadors once they reach RMD rank or higher.
  • The 20% match is based on the Customer Production Bonus income earned by your personally sponsored Ambassador, at your current level or below.
    A Senior Field Chairman (SFC) earning a $25,000 per month bonus, the 20% match would be limited to $25,000/20% = $5,000 on all of your personally sponsored RMDs and higher. As you achieve higher benchmarks, the bonus cap increases.

President's Advisory Council

Members of the President's Advisory Council, in addition to monthly earnings from the Executive Field Chairman level:

  • Receive quarterly bonuses via profit sharing.
  • The company's goal is to pay out 60% of Commission Volume in commissions and bonuses.
  • Commissions and bonuses are paid to each Ambassador based upon their individual qualifications.
  • If the gross commission payout equals less than 60% of the total CV for a commission run, Veribella pays any differential to the Presidential Profit-Sharing Pool.
  • Funds are distributed to qualified Presidential Advisory Council participants as quarterly bonuses.
  • The amounts paid to each Presidential Advisory Council participant is based on the number of active months as a qualified Presidential Advisory Council participant in the qualifying quarter, times the number of personally sponsored Regional Marketing Directors (or higher level Ambassadors), times the number of new Regional Marketing Directors in the quarter (if any) in the weakest leg.

*The number 1 will always be used as a multiplier as a minimum.

Thank you for being part of the rewards and rescue. Together, we can create something extraordinary.

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