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Business Opportunity

Becoming a Veribella Associate has the potential of impacting your quality of life, the lives of those you share the products with, and the lives that we help rescue from human trafficking through our amazing giveback model. Becoming a Veribella Associate is easy to set up. Our products have a 100% money-back guarantee as well as free shipping on all orders $99 or more.

Veribella's Associate program focuses on products that are in high demand, offer generous compensation, and have a proven, predictable, profitable marketing system designed specifically to help you create a significant number of quality leads. Veribella has created what many industry leaders are already calling the most compelling opportunity in the last several decades.

Veribella Compensation Plan Overview

This plan is designed with over 25 years of successful business principles and experience from within the network distribution world. It has shown to be much more than just a compensation plan, as this is a system that has proven to potentially build some of the largest and fastest growing organizations for the serious Associate who will follow the simple principles for success in this plan.

We are launching our Compensation Plan in two Stages:


90 Day “Soft Launch Plan”

This is a high paying, easy plan, designed to pay out the absolute maximum (60%) on only 3 levels of activity, with extensive customer acquisition and sales earnings (+30%) as well as substantial achievement bonuses up to $9,900.00 above all normal commissions.


September 15 th , 2019 “Prelaunch Plan”

This expanded model follows the same framework and principles of the Soft Launch Plan, but with much more potential, depth and additional earning features. These features will include a Matching Bonus, Group and Override bonuses, combined with organizational bonuses.

Many factors play into determining the right time to start a new business; with Veribella that right time, is now. This limited opportunity during the 90-Day Soft Launch, will not appear again where so much commission can be paid out over such a concentrated timeframe. In September, the same total corporate amount will naturally still be paid out, but it will be on a much deeper and more divided plan, which will possibly result in more effort to reach the same earnings.

However, if the foundation is formed correctly within the first 90 days, the Prelaunch Plan transition to the substantial Group and Override bonuses could lead to truly significant earning potential for the serious Associate.

Founders Title and Bonus

An added benefit to this unique timing is the opportunity to earn the exclusive Founder title with Veribella. If you build before September 15 th , 2019 what we call a T3 Team, you will receive above normal commissions up to an additional $9,900.00 along with the limited “Founder Title”.

“Success Loves Speed”, so there is no time to waste…the 90 days has started…

The Prelaunch Plan


Veribella will operate through three separate verticals:

The Foundation

Consists of Ambassadors united to end Human Trafficking.

The Products

Customers who enjoy Veribella products.

The Business Developers

Associates who want to develop a business opportunity.
The Veribella Foundation and its Ambassadors

The Veribella Foundation is the single sole entity that will benefit from all organizational activity. This means that all revenue generated within the business will benefit the Foundation and its work to help end human trafficking on a global scale.

The Veribella Foundation will implement and organize events and activities all over the country to raise awareness, raise funds outside of the revenue generated by Veribella, Inc., and assist in activating an army of volunteers to help in the fight against human trafficking. The Veribella Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible and operations will be transparent to the public.

Our army of volunteer Ambassadors will help promote the cause and join together to rescue and defend those in need. We welcome anyone to sign up as an Ambassador to become actively involved in the fight against human trafficking and slavery.

We love our Customers

Becoming a Customer is easy and there are no strings attached.

You can choose to upgrade to a “Preferred Customer” and buy products at wholesale pricing to save 30% off our products.

In appreciation of our customers, if you purchase the “Customer Intro Pack” at registration, you will have your first delivery at wholesale pricing.

Customer Intro Pack for $229.00

To continue as a Preferred Customer, purchase items through our monthly Auto-Ship System at a minimum purchase of $99.00 to qualify for free shipping.

Become an Associate, build a team and help others

Earn extensive commissions building teams of likeminded individuals who develop business to support the cause.

In building teams, helping each other, we create a significant movement of individuals supporting the cause, establishing the business model, while supporting ourselves, our loved ones, and our friends.

Becoming an Associate

Signing up to be an Associate is just $29.99

Registration includes four daily pack boxes and four lookbooks on our current product offering.

During registration you have the opportunity to purchase one of our Starter Packs at a special price.

  • Business Developer Pack for $299.00
  • Business Developer Executive Pack for $499.00

Investing in your business is a process of first determining how much you would like to be paid in returns. The Veribella T3 system is a proven, predictable and profitable approach to building your income when consistently and systematically worked. Therefore, consider the return you would like to receive on your investment in the business developer packs as proportionate to the duplication process and the net commissions you will be earning.

Direct Sales Bonus (DSB)

When enrolling a new Customer or Associate with one of the above starter packs, the Customer can save 30% and generates income for you through a Direct Sales Bonus (DSB) that is paid daily. Through these purchases an Associate will earn:

Customer Introduction Pack - $229.00 DSB = $60 - Paid daily
Business Developer Pack - $299.00 DSB = $75 - Paid daily
Business Developer Entrepreneur Pack - $ 499.00 DSB = $125 - Paid daily

The Ultimate Referral Program

In any given month, when a Customer or an Associate has 3 or more Customers who purchase a product, Veribella will take the average of the two HIGHEST Non-Associate Customer’s and one new Non-Associate Customer purchases and credit that amount to your account to use toward your own product purchases the following month.

There is one rule; one Customer of the three must be a new enrolled Customer in the qualifying month.

It is the ultimate “Thank You”.

The Associate Achievement Levels

Advancing in our Achievement Level Structure is essential for your income potential. The levels are as follows:

Associate Sign up for $29.99, start to build your team.
Business Associate Advance when you have sponsored 3 active Associates and have sponsored 3 Customers.
Business Developer and Founder (Founder ends Sept 1.) Advance when you have sponsored 3 personal active Associates who each have 3 active Associates. In addition, you must have sponsored 3 active Customers.
Senior Business Developer and Team 3 Leader Advance when you have a “T3 Team of 3, who has 3, who has 3” = 39 active Associates in a 3 X 3 structure.

Build a Team with the T3 System

This system is designed to develop a strong company culture, sound business practices and ultimately produce lasting results. Time has shown that this system is powerful and effective and produces maximum results.

To build The Ultimate T3 Income Earning Team, it only takes 39 People.

You enroll and sponsor three people; who enroll and sponsor 3, and they all enroll and sponsor 3 people, you have now created a T3 Team that can keep on growing.

A significant T3 bonus is awarded to build a Team!

You can earn $3.900.00 extra in T3 bonus for building just one team, and up to $9,900.00 for multiple Teams.

Commissionable Value (CV)

All commission calculations are based on CV. Each product has a CV value, which works as an internal exchange rate. The CV value will work with any currency in the world, making it easy to build and expand your business internationally.

All percentages herein mentioned are calculated on each products CV value (not the actual price)

Generational Bonuses

For anyone you enroll as an Associate personally on your First Level, you will earn (with no limit to how many you can enroll):


All Customers and their purchases are directly connected to the enrolling Associate. Therefore, anyone connected to any Associate within those three levels will pay the same value.

Example: an Associate on your 3 rd level has 10 Customers, purchasing in average of $75 = $750.00 – the pay you receive just on those Customers = $187.50 in additional customer commissions on just that one Associate. ($ amount is for illustrational purposes only)

Customer Purchase Bonuses

All Customer purchases will pay 30% of CV directly to the enrolling Associate.


Become a Business and earn the title “Founder”

This can really shape your Veribella business future. Not only will you receive a $900.00 additional bonus above all other commissions, but you will be honored for life within the Veribella organization, as a founding Associate who was there at the start of something truly remarkable and impactful.

This title carries a tremendous weight and respect as we grow globally into the future.

The importance of this can only be underestimated! THIS IS A ONE TIME EVENT THAT WILL NEVER RETURN. QUALIFY BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15th, 2019. An Associate advances to a Founder by becoming a Business Developer, enrolling 3 Associates, who have enrolled 3 Associated and have at least 3 Customers.

Important: This qualification must be in active status until September 15th, 2019, and the Founder bonus will be paid in September

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Become a T3 Leader, Master Business Developer or Executive Business Developer

Building a T3 - 3 x 3 team of Active Associates is the aim for every Associate.

This level of achievement is titled Senior Business Developer and Team 3 Leader.

This title has further three levels; T3 Leader; T3 Master BD; T3 Director BD.

A T3 is defined as reaching 39 active Associates within a 3 X 3 matrix in the Enrollment tree structure.

This achievement will pay out a one-time $3,000.00.

Should you build more than one T3 Team, each T3 up to three in total will pay out each $3,000.00 in T3 Leader Bonuses:

1 X T3 = T3 Leader = $3,000.00 2 X T3 = T3 Master Business Developer = $6,000.00 3 X T3 = T3 Executive Business Developer = $9,000.00


T3 bonus will be paid in September.

Disclaimer: this information is only an overview of the compensation plan. Please refer to the detailed compensation definitions that can be downloaded separately.

Further; all elements of this plan is subject to change without notice. The information herein will only be valid until september 1st, 2019.

Thank you for being part of the rewards and rescue. Together, we can create something extraordinary.

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