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Introducing the Referral Reward Program!

Refer 3 or more of your friends who purchase products in any given calendar month, and you can earn free products. You can refer as many as they like and at the end of the month VERIBELLA will take the average purchase (excluding any tax and shipping) of your highest 3 retail customers, and apply that as a product credit to your account to use for next month.

For Example

  • Customer A purchases $95
  • Customer B purchases $155
  • Customer C purchases $20

$95 + $155 + $20 = $270 $270/3 = $90.00 is the average product purchase and that amount that will be applied to your account as a credit toward the purchasing of Veribella products in the next calendar month.

  • Clean
  • Effective
  • Transparent

Free shipping on all orders $99 or more